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Custom Silencers for Permit Aircraft.

Swiss style aircraft exhaust.

                    Silencer in progress for an AcroSport 2

Silencers are surprisingly sparse in the aviation world. Mainly because no C of A aircraft can get one approved without original manufacturer approval. The permit world however has much more room to manoeuvre.

I have started manufacturing my own Swiss style silencers. These involve a straight through design with woven fiberglass sound insulation. Size can vary considerably, a balance of length vs width, and I would estimate a 50Db reduction at WOT at 15ft on the ground. In the air I call friends to ask if they saw me fly over, and I'm told no one knew I had.

I can make up a manifold to join your existing stubs, and the assembly hangs on rubber shocks and springs to dampen out vibration. Each installation is custom based on the variation in permit builds.

Total weight of an installation in the region of 3kg-6kg

The reduction in noise output, whilst very welcome by neighbours, is enhanced in the cockpit as the outlet is moved well back and generally aft of the pilot. Much better to drop that noise behind you.

Here is my own silencer installation, this prototype had mild steel caps which had to be painted, so not as decorative as the newer all stainless builds, the newer units will have smarter mountings too.

If you would like a Custom Silencer fitted you your aircraft, please get in touch.