Design - Fabrication - Restoration

FI 156 - Fieseler Storch Restoration Project.

Restoration of Fieseler Storch FI156. 

I have been contracted to build two Fiesler Storch Fuselages, incorporating original parts from two air frames, numbered 2007 and 2111. 2007 has been traced by to the original German controlled, French Morane Saulnier factory number 1577, and is a Fi156-C-3 Circa 5th February 1944.

I built my new tube forming rig for the Storch tubes, which owing to German madness, are all swaged to telescope through around 8 sizes instead of having just 1 size fits all like the L4 Cub.

It was an iterative process developing the technique, press the tube, then to get it apart, heat the die, hammer the die, developed a split die with retainer, hit the retainer, then voila, bearing puller to the rescue, with machined bits required for each tube size, and around 10 -20 dies needed, what an effort!, Result was absolutely great though, the last one shown was aiming for a 25mmID

Fiesler Storch, started on the fins, spars all tacked up, sub frames and the first 4 ribs all welded up fully also. Never welded the 25CD4 before but it welds very neatly. 

Storch top aft fuselage has been coming together nicely after all the tube forming, but I have put it temporarily on hold as the powers that be have no idea about the weld rod requirements, and though standard in the US for general 4130 construction, I may need to remake with R60, special ordered from the US.

Original German, and French Traced drawings have been provided, and there is considerable differences and ambiguity between them, certain details are missing altogether.

Storch progress has recently has gone down to half hours during late April, to allow the rest of the world to catch up as I'm going to outrun the parts supply, was touch and go for a week or so, but worked out in the end so still in business. First aft fuselage is about 90% complete, and needs bits, so the second has gone in the jig, and I've added a few more hardpoints, the first is up on the ceiling.

July 2020 - The Storch has had some progress this week, what I think are the tailplane mounts are on and the madness that is the aft tubing mess are tacked in, next week it can come out the jig and all the tacked joints finalised.

The board and clamps is the tail wheel lower mounting plates going in.

More progress on the fuselage.