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Services We Offer. 

Sheet metal DFR fabrication, Sussex.

Sheet Metal.

Sheet Metal is a specialty at DFR, in particular the fabrication and welding of aircraft and automotive components. With over half a decade of experience with aircraft sheet metal, excellent results come naturally.

Parts made to plan, patterns and improvisations are all achievable with very cost effective and imaginative solutions to your problems. We can also carry out overhaul and repair work to sheet metal.  

Car and aircraft panel beating in sussex.

Panel Beating.

DFR can offer a full panel beating production service, I can pattern originals, even those which look like a cheese grater or a crushed can, lead shot bag and english wheel stand at the ready, along with an army of hammers, and I can come to your project and pattern, fit and weld to your satisfaction.

Fiberglass design and fabrication in Sussex.


Fiberglass is a feature of every aircraft produced since the 1950's and wears harshly over time on cowlings and fairings, DFR can offer a full repair service, pattern originals for new, and develop new parts to improve aerodynamics, on site service available, fitted and finished to your satisfaction. Fiberglassing for cars and any other project needs are welcome.

Tubular construction is Ket/Sussex.

Tubular Fabrication.

Just as sheet metal is a specialty we all know tubular construction both blends and replaces much of the structure in aircraft and cars. 

I have extensive experience in the fabrication and assembly of Hawker Biplane fuselages, Tiger

Moth frames, Hurricane Tail Spars endless aircraft components and numerous other projects in the last 5 years.

Bespoke fabrication in East Sussex from Industrial to farm equipment.

Bespoke Fabrications.​

Bespoke railers, Industrial, Farm Machinery, Doors and more.

I get lots of requests to build one off trade and agricultural structures, and am happy to do so as well as farm machinery repairs on site, feel free to get in touch as odds are I can help.