Design - Fabrication - Restoration


Several years of focus on welding has now led me to CAA certification for both Oxy Acetylene and TIG welding, certified to BCAR A8-10 for Carbon Steels and Stainless Steels, a sizeable investment but essential skill for aircraft work.

A surprising number of companies carry out this welding without certification, always ask for proof to save trouble down the line for critical components.

I can also weld Aluminium in an un-certified capacity, as I haven't had enough request to justify the expense, for just about anything you could want, and have built everything from aircraft undercarriages, to well covers and hanger doors.

Now fully certified for mils steels in both Oxy Acetylene and TIG!

Spitfire parts for Airframe Assemblies.

< Repaired Partanavia stubs. 

Some new Jodel Exhausts I patterned, and flew to the Avon area.