Design - Fabrication - Restoration


Below is a short time line of the new workshop being set up back in 2017. I'm very much settled now and have a very good workspace to take on almost anything. 

Getting the space ready is taking some time, here is how it has come along so far, but it is already looking like a usable workspace and a well equiped one at that!

New windows where a must, exterior corrugated plastics where barely translucent so replaced, and now has interior glazed frames to keep the place cozy in winter.

It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate, and lots more added since then including a bead blaster, welding bench and guillotine.

First Large components delivered including the hoist and the rear arms of the Storch Jig, lovely new space with freshly painted floor, but needs a lot more lighting and power points, insulation and new windows.

September 2019 Expanding through the curtain into the front space, clear out and painted floors, new windows and lights.

October 2019, making use of an abandoned project to add some needed decoration to the workshop.

November 2020

I've taken on the upper level over the workshop doubling my space, however it came with decades worth of landlord family detritus, which needed clearing out, couple days just spent on that with help from Ian and my Wife.

Now I intend to use this upper level for storage, assembly and fabric work, but I am dealing with large items, wings fuselages etc, and needed a safe way of moving said items up 3m into the air. As the building is an old barn, there was nothing suitable to mount a crane on, or a railed lift assembly. So I have spent the last 3 weeks on my ultimate scrap heap challenge!

Floor mounted scissor hoist! 4m x 2m bed. I bought 2 new car winches, some wire, ferrules and thumbles for making up my own swaged structural cables. Spent days on the Lathe and Mill making up rollers, wheels, pulleys etc. Once its final I'll post a video of it in action. This is a double action lift, with one motor pulling the track rails to full height, but when the scissor is flat it has no mechanical action, so there is an end pier with another motor which lifts it to head height where the primary drive can take over.

December 2020

The hoist is working and the Midget and Tiger Moth are upstairs, still need to organise the space and clear out the remaining junk. I've a plan to double the lifting capacity with an additional pulley arrangement as the decking is very heavy and it struggles with it all on.

Picked up a second hand plotter, which came with more problems then I anticipated. Installed a new drive belt, and had issues getting any black print heads to work, have now ordered a Chinese knock off/refurbished one so fingers crossed. I'm going to set up a workstation in the workshop with desk and plotter.